The Team

  1. Kearsy Cormier

    Kearsy is a hearing sign language researcher from Texas, USA. From 2002 to 2005, she worked as a lecturer in sign language linguistics at the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol. Since 2006, she has worked at DCAL at University College London as a Senior Researcher. She was director of the BSL Corpus Project in 2011, was Principal Investigator on the Directional Verbs Project (2012-2014), and is Principal Investigator on the Digging into Signs Project (2014-2015).

    For more information about Kearsy, visit her personal website. Email: k.cormier at

  2. Jordan Fenlon

    Jordan is Deaf from a large British Deaf family. He is currently a Research Associate on the Digging into Signs Project. He was also a  research associate on the BSL Corpus Project and Directional Verbs Project where he was responsible for the creation and management of the corpus data as well as being involved in the subsequent studies on variation and lexical frequency and directional verbs. He is also interested in lexicography and is currently involved in the creation of BSL SignBank, the first online corpus-based dictionary of BSL, which is being developed by DCAL where he is based.

    You can see some of Jordan’s publications here. Email: j.fenlon at

  3. image

    Sannah Gulamani

    Sannah is Deaf from a family that has embedded the use of sign language throughout her childhood; having a mother who is a qualified interpreter, IV (Internal Verifier) and an EV   (External Verifier), a sister who is Deaf and a step-father who works in the academic field of sign theatre. She was previously an intern at DCAL since April 2013, working alongside Dr  Kearsy Cormier and Dr Jordan Fenlon on the BSL Corpus Project and helped support the growth of BSL SignBank. She is now currently a Research Assistant on the Digging into Signs Project (2014-2015)

    For more information about Sannah, vist the DCAL website. Email: s.gulamani at

  4. Sandra Smith

    Sandra is a Deaf native signer from a large Deaf family, stretching back several generations. She has been researching since 1992, for different universities. She started working as a Research Associate in 2013 – 2014, working alongside Dr Jordan Fenlon and Dr Kearsy Cormier on the BSL Directional Verbs Project. She is currently a Research Assistant on the Digging into Signs Project (2014 – 2015).

    Email: s.d.smith at

Previous Core BSL Corpus Project Team Members

Adam Schembri – BSL Corpus Project Director (2008-2010), BSL Corpus Project Co-Investigator (2011), BSL Directional Verbs Project Co-Investigator (2012-2014)
Ramas Rentelis – Research assistant: video data capture, editing and annotation
Sally Reynolds – Research associate: data collection co-ordinatory
Rosemary Stamp – PhD student

Previous BSL Corpus Project Team Members (in addition to those above)

Janet Beck – Belfast translator
Jeff Brattan-Wilson – Cardiff Fieldworker and translation consultant
Mischa Cooke – Greater London fieldworker
Linda Day – Deaf Advisory Group member
Carolyn Denmark – Bristol fieldworker and translation consultant
Clark Denmark – Deaf Advisory Group member
Margaret Deuchar (Bangor University) Co-investigator
Helen Dunipace – Glasgow translator
Frances Elton (University College London) Co-investigator
Helen Foulkes – Deaf Advisory Group member
Marie Franklin – Belfast consultant
Avril Hepner – Greater Glasgow fieldworker and translation consultant
Tom Johnston – Birmingham translation consultant and data collection assistant
Sarah Lawrence – Cardiff fieldworker
Sue Lee – Newcastle translator
Evelyn McFarland – Belfast fieldworker
Cathryn McShane – Cardiff translator
Dawn Marshall – Newcastle fieldworker and translation consultant
Francis Murphy – Deaf Advisory Group member
Melinda Napier – Greater London fieldworker, translation consultant & Deaf Advisory Group member
Delroy Nelson – Technician
Mark Nelson – Greater London fieldworker
Dónall Ó Baoill (Queens University Belfast) Co-investigator
Rosemary Oram – Manchester translation consultant
Tessa Padden – Deaf Advisory Group member
Jacqueline Parker – Greater Manchester fieldworker
Kyra Pollitt – Bristol translator (and lead translator for the Translation team)
Gary Quinn – Deaf Advisory Group member
Robert Skinner – London translator
Gemma Smith – Bristol data collection assistant
Rachel Sutton-Spence (University of Bristol) – Co-investigator
Elvrie Roberts – Birmingham translator
Sherratt Rowan – Manchester translator
Kate Rowley – Deaf Advisory Group member
Graham H. Turner (Heriot-Watt University) – Co-investigator
Alan Wendt (University College London) – Research Assistant on BSL Directional Verbs Project (2012-2014)
Jenny Wilkins (née Beech) – Birmingham/West Midlands fieldworker
Bencie Woll (University College London) – Co-investigator